About Us

Who is Weed Media?

Weed Media is a team of designers, developers, growers, bud-tenders, marijuana industry workers and supporters.

We have put this team together to combine our experience in traditional commercial marketing, development, print, identity branding and S.E.O. keyword targeting, with our passion to work in the Marijuana industry providing resources and effective results.

We have seen many marijuana based start-up companies in a very short time. We also have been part of some amazing ideas in the industry and helped them to thrive.

Weed Media was founded in Colorado USA

Years of living and working in an American state that has regarded medical and recreational marijuana as a normal part of life, allows us the ability to see beyond any stigma associated with it.

Colorado is widely considered the Marijauna Capital of the U.S.A. and has provided the most robust set of regulatory laws and guidelines in the world. We are proud to say we personally had a hand in these efforts.

The current Medical and recreational marijuana laws in Colorado provide clear and consice answers from patient to politian, state to federal governments, and beyond. Many countries around the world are in the process of changing their view based on our actions.

How can Weed Media help?

Years of working with corporate marketing and development has provided a large selection of effective traditional methods and solutions.

We applied these methods and solutions directly to the marijuana industry needs and from that we have fine tuned the selection into stong relationships and industry ties. During the past several years we have put these methods to work providing simple and effective solutions.

We appreciate our customers and their ideas and look forward to working with you on yours.
Contact us to see how we can get your idea off the ground.

To all our customers past, present or future,
from all of us at Weed Media
– Thank you.

Todd E
CEO – Weed Media