Cannabis Industry Infrastructure Management

Owning managing and working at Cannabis industry companies can be a great deal of hard work. The regulation involved alone requires a solid understanding of laws that change frequently, and the ever growing consumer base. We provide methods to make your work more simple and easy to manage.


We are proud to announce  version 2.0 WeedIMS.
( Weed Infrastructure Management Systems )


WeedIMS developed and designed to provide an alternative to existing point of sale software currently used in Medical and retail marijuana industry companies. Starting with integration into state mandated API’s such as BioTRAC and MyMITS in both Washington and Colorado. Add company staffing and scheduling, consumer interaction and accurate real-time data retrieval; WeedIMS is a solution to make your job easier.

Version 2.0 includes:

  • Inventory Management
  • State Specific compliance
  • Seed To Sale record keeping
  • Growing facility management
  • Production management
  • Testing requirement management
  • Staffing & Scheduling
  • Customer loyalty tools
  • Web Site integration
  • Real-Time purchase point ( consumers )
  • Real-Time sales ( staff )
  • Real-Time production data
  • Real-Time compliance
  • Low cost solution
  • Affordable hardware
  • RFID compatible
  • IPhone / Android compatible
  • Private Cloud based


V1.5 2014 was a great success so we have expanded our goals, it’s functionality, layout and more.

V1.0 developed in 2010 and used for several different company types in and out of the cannabis industry.