Required Label and Exit Bag Printing

Weed Media Publishing offers all of the current sizes and shapes used in the Colorado M.E.D. standards. Exit bag stickers/labels, container information labels and product packaging. Available in Black/White or Color, we create the required labels using your existing design/artwork or new artwork can be created.

Save time and money with prices as low as $0.03 per label, conditions apply.

Flyer and promotional printing

Give us a shout out for a quote the next time you need to print flyers or promotional materials, we offer very competitive rates.
Full page and down, with hundreds of options in paper color, finish, size.

Magazine and brochure printing

Needing employee manuals?
Looking to print a cannabis magazine?
We can help with your large scale printing needs from 3-4 page to 300 page manuals Weed Media Publishing is happy to provide quality printing at an affordable price.