Social Media

Social Network Brand Awareness

Does your marijuana industry company have a social network profile?

We are positive that the 99% of cannabis companies that have a social media presence already see a direct relation to social media profiles and sales, however the remaining 1% are companies who are too busy, don’t understand the benefits, or choose not to be a part of the social media revolution. We believe it can be a great tool to embrace when handled correctly.

Have you checked into using Social Media to interact with cannabis consumers?

Weed Media can help you keep social media profiles in check with your website, and branding to keep consistency across your company footprint. Brand integrity is an important part of using social media correctly.

Using social media can attract consumers to your location but can also be a tricky situation in the scope of regulated retail marijuana. Laws in place may put you at risk for using certain methods on your social media profiles. Weed Media keeps you informed on these changes to help you remain compliant all year-round.